zaterdag 7 juni 2008

Challenge 22 NONE CARD WEEK!!!

Now you may be looking at the title and thinking what? No cards? But i only make cards?Now is the time to experience New things!,For this challenge you are NOT allowed to make a Card,Now there is so many things you can do with Magnolia Stamps, You only have to look @ Myself & the Design Teams work this week!You could do a Gift Tag, Bookmark, Atc, Scrapbook(layout)Page, Gift Bag, Book The possibilities are endless!So The rules are, Anything as long as it isn't a card, Has to have at least 1 Magnolia Stamp on ( remember it doesn't have to be Tilda or Edwin) , And last of all most important one is HAVE FUN!!!

this is my work:

verder heb ik nog een kaartje gemaakt. deze is weer gemaakt vanuit een sketch dat ik ergens op internet heb gevonden. werk graag met sketches op moment. zo heb je alvast een basis.

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